Learn How to Choose Between Different Forms of Coenzyme Q10

The REAL Ubiquinol CoQ10 Facts – Read This Before You Take ANY CoQ10 Supplement!

It is essential that you prevent this deficiency by taking an essential nutrient that your body demands to fight off free radicals and to provide every cell in your body with the energy they need to function!

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There is a nutrient that is produced by your body which has many roles to play in maintaining your health. This nutrient is called CoQ10. Another name for this nutrient is ubiquinone, and to benefit from this essential nutrient your body has to convert the ubiquinone into ubiquinol inside your body.

Here is where the problem lies!

Most of the CoQ10 supplements you are taking NEVER makes it to your cells!

In fact, most people over 50 have a hard time converting CoQ10 into its usable ubiquinol form. The lion’s share of valuable CoQ10 disappears – making it impossible to give your cells the protection and nourishment they need.

Whilst you are young your body is producing enough CoQ10 to ensure that you remain healthy and that your body is functioning as fully as it should be. Once you reach the age of 20 years, the amount of CoQ10 produced starts to diminish very quickly. By the time you are 40 years of age, your body finds it extremely hard to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol and health problems may start to arise.

The good news is that you can now obtain ubiquinol CoQ10 which has already been converted and will be absorbed easily by your body whatever your age!

The benefits of taking ubiquinol CoQ10 which has already been converted are as follows:

  • The body is able to fully absorb ubiquinol. Taking normal CoQ10 will result in most of it being lost through waste.
  • The CoQ10 will be absorbed in the active state the body needs. There is no need for the body to convert it and this saves energy.
  • The ubiquinol form of the nutrient will provide added cellular energy.
  • Get an immediate defence against free radicals which harm your cells and prevent the risk of premature aging.
  • Ubiquinol is up to 8 times more effective than standard ubiquinone.

Most of the CoQ10 supplements found on the market today contain the ubiquinone form of the nutrient and this is not good news.

By taking the already converted form, your blood levels will remain higher for much longer and this is what is important. It ensures that your heart pumps the blood around your body more efficiently with up to 3 times the power it did before.

The Health Benefits Of Ubiquinol CoQ10

Below you will find many of the health benefits that this nutrient can provide when already in a converted state. This shows why this nutrient is so important and why people who are deficient can become extremely ill.

Energy For Your Cells

  • Produces energy by acting as a catalyst in your body’s different chemical reactions.
  • Ignites the fuel that your body’s cells require for energy production.
  • Enjoy a new found energy you thought you would never see again.

Improved Heart Health

  • Helps improve the health and strength of your cardiovascular system.
  • Maintains the energy balance needed by your heart.
  • Allows your heart to pump stronger and increase its power.

Antioxidant Protection

  • Provides defence against free radicals that damage your cells, tissues and organs.
  • Helps strengthen other antioxidants within the body.
  • Rejuvenates your cells and repairs any damage.


  • Increases your alertness and response times.
  • Improves your overall vitality.
  • Provides a continual supply of energy
  • Maintains a healthy immune system

Blood Pressure

  • Promotes healthy blood pressure and a more efficient heart
  • Regulates blood pressure levels.
  • Relaxes blood vessels and prevents stress

Immune And Nervous Systems

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Supports the immune system in its fight against free radicals
  • Promotes an active mind
  • Provides the energy to your brain allowing it to function at full speed

You can now see the power that ubiquinol CoQ10 has over the basic formula and understand why this nutrient is so essential, especially as you start to age! The above are just a few of the health benefits, there are so many more!

The Importance Of Taking Ubiquinol CoQ10 Whilst On Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are given to people to lower their cholesterol levels, but the way it does this is to inhibit the same pathways that are used by your body to create CoQ10.

This means that when you take statin drugs, the levels of CoQ10 inside your body become extremely depleted.

Your body is already producing very low amounts of the nutrient by the time you reach the age of 40, that if you start taking statin drugs, there can be extremely dangerous consequences.

When someone is deficient in this essential nutrient, some of the common signs are muscle weakness and soreness along with fatigue and even heart failure! These also happen to be the common symptoms of someone taking statin drugs!

Although the big drug companies are aware of this, they will not let onto the public as they make millions of dollars every year from these drugs.

If your doctor insists on you taking these drugs to reduce your cholesterol levels, ensure that you also supplement on ubiquinol CoQ10 too. The standard form of CoQ10 will not be able to over-power the depletion of this nutrient caused by the statin drugs.

Why Ubiquinol Should Be Combined With A High Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil

By combining this nutrient with high quality fish oil, you will be getting the added benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish oil contains DHA and EPA Omega 3 fats that are essential for a healthy heart and brain. It makes sense to combine both of them as they both lack in the common western diet, yet are essential for optimal health.

Because ubiquinol CoQ10 is fat soluble it is a perfect match for fish oil. The oil is also able to protect the nutrient as it travels through the digestive system, ensuring that every last drop is fully absorbed.

If you really want to improve your health to the max, then sourcing a quality fish oil supplement that contains high amounts of important ubiquinol CoQ10 should be high on your list of supplements to take.

Never Settle For Second Best

You may find other supplements on the market that contain fish oil and CoQ10 together, but there is a risk that not only is the product low-quality, it may also contain the standard ubiquinone version of the nutrient.

Many people are risking their health by using these supplements. Although the marketing of the product may promote the health benefits, you really need to do your research and see the exact ingredients which they are using.

Unfortunately, there are many companies on the market, especially on the internet, who are just trying to make a quick buck, whilst having no concern for their consumer’s health. These companies need to be avoided.

Why Xtend-Life’s Omega 3/QH Ultra Stands Above The Rest

Xtend-Life is a company that we have come to trust over the years due to their desire for improving an individual’s health using natural ingredients.

Their Omega 3/QH Ultra product is a fine example of their work. Not only does it contain the highest quality fish oil on the market today, it also has the important ubiquinol CoQ10 blended into its formula.

By combining the two, Xtend-Life is able to provide the highest quality CoQ10 product at the best competitive price.

One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face when producing CoQ10 products, is how easily it oxidises in the air. Using military-style precision, the Xtend-Life scientists are able to control the levels of oxidation using stainless steel holding tanks. This results in a 100% natural formula of fish oil and ubiquinol CoQ10 which achieves higher elevations within your blood stream.

Xtend-Life are based in New Zealand and take pride in only using local natural resources as the ingredients within their products. The formulas used in the creation of their products are something never witnessed before, and have been put together by some of the best nutritional scientists in the world.

If you really do want to provide your body with optimal health, then Omega 3/QH Ultra should be the first thing that you purchase.

It comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee and shipments are made worldwide.

Make that decision to improve your health today with Omega 3/QH from Xtend-Life!

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